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Arko advice

With 40 years of experience in the political heart of Brazil, our mission is to use our expertise to predict risks and anticipate trends in the ever-changing Brazilian political scenario. 


The world's largest banks, investment funds, rating agencies and multinationals trust Arko Advice's experience and track record. Arko's political risk team, based in Brasília, closely monitors Brazil's complex political scenario.

Our methodology is unique and client-centric. We believe our services should provide transparent, refined, sophisticated and tailor-made intelligence to assist our clients' decision making process.


Led by Dr. Murillo de Aragão, founder of Arko Advice and adjunct-professor at Columbia University, our multidisciplinary team is comprised of political scientists, journalists, economists and lawyers.

With a robust team covering Brazilian politics on-the-ground, Arko's clients receive high frequency updates and analysis on all major developments, directly from Brasília.


Arko's team is trained to fully comply with FCPA and the UK Anti Bribery Act. Arko's compliance program is certified by Trace International.

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